Rockwood Software (2004) Ltd was originally incorporated in 1990 as part of Rockwood Informatics to supply Server and PC based software systems for small to medium sized companies. The company was re-organized in 2004.

We provide “mission critical” software applications like point-of-sale, inventory control and general accounting software to companies all over Canada. Our two main product lines are NCR System’s Point-of-sale software and Passport’s Accounting Software.

Our business has grown from a few customers to well over 75. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our early customers are still with us. We continually service the software by upgrading it annually, customizing it, and set-up new features our customers require. As licensed business partners we have source code for all of the software we resell, That allows us to ‘Canadianize’ the software before installing it. We can also customize the product to meet customer’s specific needs.

Rockwood’s core belief is to empower businesses that use our solutions by utilizing appropriate personnel training and advanced features in the software. We want to make your company stronger and financially healthier.